Welcome to the B FAiR  catalogue for    BEEKEEPERS

A website available from the desktop or mobile device*.

Designed to bring together buyers,sellers and swappers of beekeeping items, from Honey to Hives and Books to Beeswax.At home or on the move.

You may display individual beekeeping items at the fair free of charge.

The minimum asking price for any article is £1 to a maximum of £300

For sellers  fill in the sellers form with any items you wish to sell together with contact details, item(s) description and the sales price  and  postage      charges. If you have a photograph it can be E Mailed as an attachment..Video can be uploaded- see Video ADD If you have any questions click the contact  button or on mobile device LEAVE MESSAGE..

For buyers use the HANDY ORDER FORM indicating the items Reference number, or if using a mobile device,fill in the LEAVE MESSAGE form or E Mail.


Items wanted,bartered,web sites,services and events can also be displayed .


Neither parties identity will be disclosed on the site. On sale of an item the seller will be sent an E Mail payment request for £5 for any number of items up to £100 and £10 for items up to £200 and £15 for items up to £300 . Once paid,the details of the seller and buyer are forwarded to each other.

 Sellers form  use the HANDY ORDER FORM




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